My Solar Calendar Birthday Party!!!

August 16th is my solar calendar birthday!!!!!!!!! Mommy decided to celebrate it with my waipo (mommy’s mommy in mandarin) in Kuala Lumpur.

Here is my new image designed for the birthday party. Hip hop if you can recognized? ZhiHin cousin loan me his hip hop cap.. I paid him a piece of cookie for the loan.. Not bad of a deal huh?

Here is my 1sy Birthday Cake!!! ZhiHin Mommy bought it for me.

I am checking my name spelling on it.. Hm.. uncle Dee got it right.. Usually a lot of people got my name wrongly, Mommy said because it’s too cute..

In case you didn;t notice, Daddy changed my hip hop cap into birthday crown when they was singing my birthday song. Yeah.. you are right.. I have got my Mommy’s hair.. – no hair..

oh.. tell you secretly.. I made a birthday wish when i blow the candle.. ehem.. I wish Mommy will allow me to eat all the alphabets on my cake…

I am officially 1 year old now.. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for throwing the party for me.. thanks to all the aunties and uncles for coming to my party ( I didn’t put any of your photo here because Daddy said I may need to pay loyalty to do that… I spent all my angpow money buying Daddy a spec already)

I will share with you all my birthday present in my next post!!

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  1. Hi Le Young, wow you have turned 1 year old…HAPPY BRITHDAY TO YOU!!! 1 year old already so have to listen to mummy and daddy ohhh…don’t be naughty…

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