Leyoung 1st 100% in his exam!

Time flies and Leyoung is in Primary 3 now! Since he started primary school his father has always wanted to let him be responsible for his own results and learning, and tried to cultivate his own initiatives. After school, we never push him to finish his homework, during exam we never push him to do revision. So he is one happy kid, day in day out after school he would do his own homework, because he knows he has to bear the consequences to face the teachers and explain it himself 🙂 he experienced once when he forgot to do his mandarin homework and the teacher asked him to stay back to finish it, and ever since then he is doing it better! 

Before exams he would play as usual and not do his revision. His father told him exams is a way for the school to assess how well he learned. He then told us: oh, I learned well at school already! So he never do his revision. I was very nervous at first, but his father again convinced me that we have to let him learned on his own initiatives. We always jokingly challenged him that he never score 100% like we did, he stay calm ? But this time he did and surprised us! 

Well done Leyoung! We hope you remember this great experience of being recognize in the class by teachers and friends and continue this momentum for your life! 

The 5 things I love my parent…

Mom asked me to tell them 5 things I love about them.. Below were what I told them:

For dad, I love:

1. Him being funny

2. Him being silly

3. To hit his butt

4. To scold him for playing iPhone too much

5. Him hugging me
For Mom, I Love:

1. Her being caring

2. Her being kind

3. Her because she gave birth to me

4. Her to give me a baby sister or brother

5. Her to be happy
I then asked mom what she loves me for.. She said:

1. I love you being a very charming, caring and considerate boy

2. I love you being a boy that listen to mom and dad 

3. I love you being a boy that would apologize and cheer mom up when you did something wrong

4. I love you bringing a loads of joy to mom and dad

5. I love you being just the way you are

Leyoung turned 8 today!

Leyoung is growing up so fast that we sometimes wish to slowdown time so we could spend more time with him! 

8 years ago today he was born on this surprisingly early day, categorized as ‘premmie baby’ and was put in the NICU care. I was traumatized and until today I would be very tensed up when I heard about other premmie babies stories. Thank GOD Leyoung is a healthy boy and growing up with lots of blessing. 

  We decided to take the same kind of picture with last year’s, same shirt and with a one year bigger number! 

His dad and I always reminded him that I was ‘cut’ on the day he was born 🙂 and so I should be celebrated instead of just him on this special day 🙂 This year he is very sweet and made me a card on his birthday..   

 The card has a sweet little message of ‘Thank you for giving birth to me, I love you!’
We had a small celebration this year with family and friends..  

  3 cakes this year thanks to Sammie Aunt and Albert JiuGong..

 With his ‘uncle’ Kai Siang that is exactly 3x older! 24 years old and 8 years old boys 🙂 

   With his mom and dad, I hope we could be next to him every year this day for many more years to come!

 Thanks to Popo for cooking such nice dishes for his birthday, and all the family members for coming!

Alex’s family made some angry birds Piñata for him, they put in so much effort to make it!

 We didn’t this is called ‘Piñata’ until Leyoung told us! Kids had a blast beating it and mining gifts and treats in it!! 
 Kids waiting anxiously for the birthday boy to kick off the piñata beating!
   And here they went!

  Crazy after piñata scene 🙂 


Leyoung’s essay

Leyoung’s English Class Today – ‘write 3 sentences about your family members hobby’, here are Leyoung’s version and it put a big smile on my face:
This is my father.

He is a Boss.

His hobby is playing music.
This is my mother.

She is an Engineer.

Her hobby is to be with me.
This is me.

I am seven years old.

My hobby is to do my work well.

Leyoung is 7 today!!!

I asked Leyoung last night what does ‘Birthday’ means. His first answer was in purple (bottom) and second was in green (up), after his mom kept on laughing seeing his first answer. I wish this young man can keep his creativity growing up!
It’s the first time he planned for his birthday:
So the day is here:
Plan 1: Free Time from 10 O’clock to Half Past 11.
Plan 2: Lunch Time at Desa ParkCity
Plan 3: (Plan changed to small ad hoc celebration with family!) Leyoung said no need present as our lunch was his present!
Preparing for his small celebration..
All set!
His buddies (Wish BB & DD were here)
Celebration begins:
And he performed violin for the first time!!

I am 7 today!!

Leyoung’s First Day at Primary School

Amazed at how fast time traveled, the tiny lil guy who was born prematurely 6+ years ago is now ready for official education primary one! After much consideration, mom and dad decided to send you to a private school though it would burden our financial, but we think this would be the best choice and we hope you can continue to grow up with confidence and positivity but humble and grateful.

Last Saturday was the orientation day and mom and dad were thrilled to be able to be there in your school to know more about the place you would be cultivated for the next 7 years.






Today is the official first day of school after the orientation. We decided to just drop you off and let you face this new environment on your own. You were hesitating and said: But Mom, the other kids even the older ones all have their parents with them.. We told him: you are different and you are independent! And he smiled and bravely walked on. Mom was especially concerned if you know how to buy yourself some food during the break, and have been worrying about you all morning 🙂 But we are all proud of you when you said you figured it out on your own while other kids have their parent guided them! It was cute of you when you said: mom today I wasted your rm3. Haha. Dad corrected you and said: son, when you use the money to buy something wisely it is called ‘spent’ not ‘wasted’.


Proud of you my dear!