Leyoung is 7 today!!!

I asked Leyoung last night what does ‘Birthday’ means. His first answer was in purple (bottom) and second was in green (up), after his mom kept on laughing seeing his first answer. I wish this young man can keep his creativity growing up!
It’s the first time he planned for his birthday:
So the day is here:
Plan 1: Free Time from 10 O’clock to Half Past 11.
Plan 2: Lunch Time at Desa ParkCity
Plan 3: (Plan changed to small ad hoc celebration with family!) Leyoung said no need present as our lunch was his present!
Preparing for his small celebration..
All set!
His buddies (Wish BB & DD were here)
Celebration begins:
And he performed violin for the first time!!

I am 7 today!!

Piggy Bank

Dialogue between Leyoung and his mom. His mom wished he would grow up to be as thoughtful as he is now 🙂

Leyoung: Look Mom, the race car showroom!

Mom: Oh yes! hey son, would you buy me a race car when you grow up?

Leyoung: Yes, but Mom.. It’s expensive..

After 1s in serious thought..

Leyoung: Oh I have got a good idea.. When we go home, lets break my piggy bank and I will divide the money I have saved into 2 parts. One for you and one for Dad.

Mom: What do I use it for dear?

Leyoung: You can use the money to buy the thing you like Mom.. Whatever it may be..

(Mom in deep thought this time, touched..)