Leyoung 1st 100% in his exam!

Time flies and Leyoung is in Primary 3 now! Since he started primary school his father has always wanted to let him be responsible for his own results and learning, and tried to cultivate his own initiatives. After school, we never push him to finish his homework, during exam we never push him to do revision. So he is one happy kid, day in day out after school he would do his own homework, because he knows he has to bear the consequences to face the teachers and explain it himself 🙂 he experienced once when he forgot to do his mandarin homework and the teacher asked him to stay back to finish it, and ever since then he is doing it better! 

Before exams he would play as usual and not do his revision. His father told him exams is a way for the school to assess how well he learned. He then told us: oh, I learned well at school already! So he never do his revision. I was very nervous at first, but his father again convinced me that we have to let him learned on his own initiatives. We always jokingly challenged him that he never score 100% like we did, he stay calm ? But this time he did and surprised us! 

Well done Leyoung! We hope you remember this great experience of being recognize in the class by teachers and friends and continue this momentum for your life!