Leyoung turned 8 today!

Leyoung is growing up so fast that we sometimes wish to slowdown time so we could spend more time with him! 

8 years ago today he was born on this surprisingly early day, categorized as ‘premmie baby’ and was put in the NICU care. I was traumatized and until today I would be very tensed up when I heard about other premmie babies stories. Thank GOD Leyoung is a healthy boy and growing up with lots of blessing. 

  We decided to take the same kind of picture with last year’s, same shirt and with a one year bigger number! 

His dad and I always reminded him that I was ‘cut’ on the day he was born 🙂 and so I should be celebrated instead of just him on this special day 🙂 This year he is very sweet and made me a card on his birthday..   

 The card has a sweet little message of ‘Thank you for giving birth to me, I love you!’
We had a small celebration this year with family and friends..  

  3 cakes this year thanks to Sammie Aunt and Albert JiuGong..

 With his ‘uncle’ Kai Siang that is exactly 3x older! 24 years old and 8 years old boys 🙂 

   With his mom and dad, I hope we could be next to him every year this day for many more years to come!

 Thanks to Popo for cooking such nice dishes for his birthday, and all the family members for coming!

Alex’s family made some angry birds Piñata for him, they put in so much effort to make it!

 We didn’t this is called ‘Piñata’ until Leyoung told us! Kids had a blast beating it and mining gifts and treats in it!! 
 Kids waiting anxiously for the birthday boy to kick off the piñata beating!
   And here they went!

  Crazy after piñata scene 🙂