Leyoung’s First Day at Primary School

Amazed at how fast time traveled, the tiny lil guy who was born prematurely 6+ years ago is now ready for official education primary one! After much consideration, mom and dad decided to send you to a private school though it would burden our financial, but we think this would be the best choice and we hope you can continue to grow up with confidence and positivity but humble and grateful.

Last Saturday was the orientation day and mom and dad were thrilled to be able to be there in your school to know more about the place you would be cultivated for the next 7 years.






Today is the official first day of school after the orientation. We decided to just drop you off and let you face this new environment on your own. You were hesitating and said: But Mom, the other kids even the older ones all have their parents with them.. We told him: you are different and you are independent! And he smiled and bravely walked on. Mom was especially concerned if you know how to buy yourself some food during the break, and have been worrying about you all morning 🙂 But we are all proud of you when you said you figured it out on your own while other kids have their parent guided them! It was cute of you when you said: mom today I wasted your rm3. Haha. Dad corrected you and said: son, when you use the money to buy something wisely it is called ‘spent’ not ‘wasted’.


Proud of you my dear!