Siam Reap, Cambodia – Day 1

We are visiting the killing field of Siam Reap.

Next, we went to the Artisan Academy.

Then, mommy went shopping. Daddy had a massage while I drank Angkor beer and played iPad.

We are checking into hotel. I play with the paper plane daddy made for me.

We climbed the highest hill in Angkor Wat area. But I was too tired at that time – fell asleep on my father’s shoulder.

Dinner time!

Piggy Bank

Dialogue between Leyoung and his mom. His mom wished he would grow up to be as thoughtful as he is now 🙂

Leyoung: Look Mom, the race car showroom!

Mom: Oh yes! hey son, would you buy me a race car when you grow up?

Leyoung: Yes, but Mom.. It’s expensive..

After 1s in serious thought..

Leyoung: Oh I have got a good idea.. When we go home, lets break my piggy bank and I will divide the money I have saved into 2 parts. One for you and one for Dad.

Mom: What do I use it for dear?

Leyoung: You can use the money to buy the thing you like Mom.. Whatever it may be..

(Mom in deep thought this time, touched..)

Birthday Celebration at School

I’m having my birthday celebration at School Sri Pimpim today, with my classmates and teacher Janet, teacher Mega.


This minion cake is my first choice.


But this mint cake is more tasty.

Thanks to my friends and teachers at school.


Teacher Janet gave me an awesome dictionary.

These are my classmates 🙂

Birthday dinner with Kai Siang

Our birthday is the same! Kai Siang’s was his 23rd!


We had dinner at 1utama – Oishi Sushi.


Before that, we took picture at Huggies promotion both to say goodbye to diapers.


I ate too much and needed to release a little bit of body waste.


Meanwhile JiuGong & JiuPo were having breakfast at Minnesota, joining our party virtually.