The 5 things I love my parent…

Mom asked me to tell them 5 things I love about them.. Below were what I told them:

For dad, I love:

1. Him being funny

2. Him being silly

3. To hit his butt

4. To scold him for playing iPhone too much

5. Him hugging me
For Mom, I Love:

1. Her being caring

2. Her being kind

3. Her because she gave birth to me

4. Her to give me a baby sister or brother

5. Her to be happy
I then asked mom what she loves me for.. She said:

1. I love you being a very charming, caring and considerate boy

2. I love you being a boy that listen to mom and dad 

3. I love you being a boy that would apologize and cheer mom up when you did something wrong

4. I love you bringing a loads of joy to mom and dad

5. I love you being just the way you are